Bob the Table-Headed Service Drone.

A Service Drone is an extremely short Irken forced to work exceptionally hard, only to be paid as little as five monies every two years. The best example of a Service Drone is Bob, who appears in the episode "Hobo 13". Bob was forced to wear a table on his head, and serve drinks to his two greedy leaders, the Almighty Tallest.

Service Drones are one of the most humiliating of Irken jobs. Service Drone Bob appeared to be shorter even than Zim, although this could be because he is hunched over due to the table's weight.

The top of Bob's head is completely flat, but it's unknown whether this is due to genetics or the weight of the table flattening his head over time. It's unknown how long Bob performed his job for. A Service Drone was also briefly seen in issue 4 of the comics, with an appearance near identical to Bob's.

Bob (or a different table headed service drone) did make a brief appearance in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, whom Tallest Purple spits on in shock when Zim calls and reveals that he's alive.

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