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Shadowhog 2.jpg
Name Shadowhog
Species Demon
First Appearance Gaz, Taster of Pork
Voice Actor(s) Jeffery Jones

The Shadowhog rules over a dimension of pigs. He has the power to change people's taste buds so that all they taste is pork. He is about 8'6" tall (according to Gaz), and enjoys ballet, tea, video games, and tormenting souls.

Despite planning to send both children home free, the Shadowhog sentenced Dib to cleaning his toilet with a brush attached to his head, due to Dib begging him to "punish (him) instead" to protect his sister.

His first and only appearance is in the episode "Gaz, Taster of Pork".

The Curse

Dib summoned the Shadowhog via Spelldrive to test his powers on Gaz, which made everything but actual pork products taste "like a pig". After receiving some help from the Swollen Eyeball Network (only after being threatened by his sister), Dib was able to pull them both into the Shadowhog's dimension.

The Shadowhog demonstrates his dancing abilities.

The Shadowhog had Gaz go through two trials, both of which she handled with ease, thus freeing her from his curse.

The Shadowhog and Gaz seem to get along very well. They were both shown playing video games together. Also, the Shadowhog later bought Gaz ice cream and danced ballet for her while Dib was getting attacked by giant pig guards outside.

The Shadowhog and Gaz were later shown having tea together. Gaz even confided to him her troubles concerning Dib's constant ranting over Zim, before she was interrupted by the arrival of Dib.

Facts of Doom

  • The Shadowhog is one of the two supernatural beings that is aware that Zim is an alien, the other being Mortos. On that note, despite never actually meeting him, he actually believes Gaz; judging by all other instances in the series, had it been Dib who told him that, he most likely wouldn't have believed him.
  • Ironically, Gaz might have made her first friend in the Shadowhog thanks to the curse Dib put on her.
  • He was voiced by Jeffery Jones, who also voiced President Man.