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Shunk Wugga
Shunk WUGGAAA.jpg
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color None (is bald)
Eye Color Black
Affiliation(s) None
First Appearance Probing the Membrane of Science
Voice Actor Jhonen Vasquez

Shunk Wugga was one of the many hopefuls applying for live audience to attend Probing the Membrane of Science. His only appearance was as Dib's opponent in "Battle-Dib".

When Dib had tried to meet Professor Membrane while Membrane was at the studio of his show, he was forced to take a series of tests to be in the audience of the show, even though Dib was only trying to talk to his dad personally, not to be in the audience. The testing process eventually led to Dib having to compete with Shunk in a battle arena.

Shunk's original intent was to let Dib tie with him in the test, so they could both see Professor Membrane. Although Dib agreed to this, he accidentally won the first round, taking the lead, and Gaz ruined this plan by claiming to Shunk in between rounds that Dib had made fun of his oddly-shaped head. Enraged, Shunk quickly beat Dib in the next two rounds, and Dib was hauled out of the arena.

He was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez.