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Skool Bird's eye view
Name Skool
Located On Earth
Known Residents Skool Staff
First Appearance The Nightmare Begins

The Skool is the elementary school that Zim, Dib, Gaz, and various minor characters attend in Invader Zim. It is possibly spelled improperly for comedic purposes. The Skool in the Pilot has a different external look; it even had an American flag, but no "quiet" sign was present in the cafeteria.

The conditions at Skool are woefully inadequate: the bathrooms are filthy and graffiti-ridden, the cafeteria food has a mind of its own, and the teachers are often inordinately harsh toward their students, save for Mr. Elliot.

The Skool makes a brief appearance in the intro of Enter the Florpus, and later on in the climatic scene between Zim and Dib as the latter tries to get Minimoose from Zim in order to teleport Earth back to its rightful place in the universe.

Skool Staff[]

Main article: Skool Staff

The "Skool" has few known staff members:

The Principal has only been seen once, in "The Voting of the Doomed", but only as a silhouette. In "Tak: The Hideous New Girl", Ms. Bitters was angrily complaining to the Principal for allowing the children to celebrate Valentine's Day (which, due to an unknown historical event, now involves the exchange of meat slabs in the shape of hearts instead of candy, cards, and gifts).

Skool technology[]

Ballot Box (The Voting of the Doomed)

An example of the Skool's technology.

The Skool is technologically advanced, possessing things like robots, flying cameras, and hovering platforms (all seen in "The Voting of the Doomed"), but lacks basic needs like decent food, clean toilets, or sturdy desks.

Spoken of but rarely seen, there are also supposedly "underground classrooms", to which any student can be sent on a whim; in "Tak: The Hideous New Girl", Rob was sent there to make room for Tak, and Brian was sent there because Ms. Bitters was "just tired of him".

Each student also has the opportunity to send a fellow student to the asylum by using Crazy Cards, as seen in "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom". Each class is given three Crazy Cards per month, which seems to insinuate that it happens comparatively often.

Student president[]

A student president is chosen to help enforce Skool spirit. If a president fails to live up to these expectations, they are taken away, never to be heard from again, and an election for a new president is held immediately. A student president candidate is chosen by their level of intelligence; the dumber the better.

Once the president is elected, they are brainwashed into thinking the Skool is perfectly fantastic. The current student president is Willy.

Nightmare Version[]


Nightmare version of the Skool

Like the rest of the city (and probably the world), there is a nightmare version of the Skool. This Skool, however, seems to have more importance in this realm than other buildings. Most of the buildings appear to be made of rock or stone.