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Homeworld Irk
Assignment Inventing gadgets, devices, and machinery
Rank Engineer
Gender Male
Eye Color Navy
Affiliation(s) Irken Empire
First appearance Issue 4

Skrang is an Irken Engineer who works for the Almighty Tallest aboard the Massive. His first and so far only appearance was in Issue 4.


He is the inventor of the Subquantum Wormtunnel, which can send any object to Invaders at any time. However, he has not managed to work the kinks out of the Wormtunnel's prototype, and so Invaders cannot send objects back, or else it will cause half of the universe to explode.

Unfortunately, after Zim sent the "Munchitronic Deathskrang" (actually a thrown out snack that he was tricked into thinking was a weapon) back to the Almighty Tallest, half of the universe exploded.

As a result of this, Skrang's fate remains unknown, though the effects of this cataclysmic incident may be rendered impermanent by Invader Zim's loose continuity.

Facts of Doom

  • The Munchitronic Deathskrang was named after Skrang himself.
  • His PAK seems to be much bigger then most irkens and has a different design entirely. It's also filled with Vortian brains. Presumably, given that most Vortians are scientists, this is meant to increase Skrang's own intelligence.
  • He is the only Irken seen thus far to have navy-colored eyes.
  • He is the only Irken Engineer seen so far.