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Red, Brown

Notable Facts

Bipedal, rodents, hairy, large


The Slaughtering Rat People of Blorch were, as their name implies, a rat-like race that once inhabited the planet Blorch. That is, until it was conquered by Invader Skoodge.

This species makes their first appearance in "The Nightmare Begins" as a holographic image, depicting Rat People attacking Invader Larb (then Invader Skoodge), and later would make their only real appearance when the Irken Armada attacked their home world in "Battle of the Planets".

Appearance and Behavior

The Slaughtering Rat People (Skoodge, The Nightmare Begins)

A depiction of typical Rat Person behavior - Plus Skoodge.

The rat people are a species of massive, mangy rat-like creatures, with two huge incisors, hairless tails, and beady red eyes.

They appear to be a very primitive, hostile species of creatures that can and will attack and kill anything they don't recognize or understand, much like primitive humans in the dark ages. Thus, the evident horror expressed by the unfortunate Invader who was assigned to the planet on which they take up residence. Given their feral and violent nature, it is also possible that they maul and kill each other as well.

Invader Larb, and later Invader Skoodge, even teared up when they were given this assignment to the planet. The Tallest did nothing to ease this fear, showing the other Irkens a picture of a cowering Larb and then Skoodge surrounded by the murderous rodents done by a conceptual artist.

Fall and Possible Extinction


Homes of the Slaughtering Rat People.

Despite the overwhelming likelihood of death when facing these aliens, Skoodge managed to not only conquer the Slaughtering Rat People but was even the first Invader to complete his mission. This implies that despite the rat people’s fearsome appearance, they had nothing in means of weaponry beyond their own teeth and claws (which of course was no match for Irken technology).

The view from Blorch's surface during its Organic Sweep showed that the rat people lived in basic, multi-level stone buildings. It is unknown if the rat people became extinct, or became slaves for the Irken Empire. Whichever the case, the Rat People's planet became the first to be conquered by the Irken Empire in Operation Impending Doom II, and was probably converted into a parking structure planet, as suggested by Tallest Red.

In Issue 18 of the comic series, Invader Larb is named Slaughterer of the Slaughtering Rat People. Though this is inconsistent, because it was Invader Skoodge who had conquered the planet Blorch (and Invader Grapa was the one who got credit for it). Larb was assigned to the planet Vort, though it is possible the Tallest simply kept disregarding Skoodge's efforts and gave Larb all the credit (possibly because he was originally assigned to conquer the planet).


  • Despite the similar names and appearances, they should not be confused with the horrible Rat People, a group of mutated humans who live in the parking structure of the City Center Mall on Earth.
  • The Slaughtering Rat People are the only alien race seen in the series that are not humanoid in appearance, and in fact completely resemble feral rats on planet Earth.
  • The Irkens' extermination of the rat people seems to be a reference to the real life fact that rats are usually exterminated on Earth for being seen as disease-spreading pests.
  • When the Slaughtering Rat People are seen for the first time in the holographic image, their eyes are red, but when they are seen on their planet during the organic sweep, their eyes are brown.

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