Snacky Cabs is a taxi service established on Foodcourtia. Zim used this transportation to get back to Earth when he was trapped on Foodcourtia, and needed to get back on Earth to continue his "mission".


Like the taxi cabs on Earth, Foodcourtia's Snacky Cabs use small, yellow vehicles to transport people from one part of the planet to another. The only difference is that the latter service uses spaceships instead. These vehicles are maneuverable and deceptively small in appearance, and can in fact hold about three to four people and a good deal of luggage. However, their metal hulls are also rather weak, and were easily pierced by Sizz-Lorr's large spatula when he was pursuing Zim.

Snacky Cabs closes during The Great Foodening, and any cabs that are not docked by the time it commences will explode "for no apparent reason."