The Snarl Beast is an alien species that appeared in Issue 10 of the Invader Zim comics.


The Snarl Beast is one of many ferocious creatures found on planet Sylvestra, a planet considered to be home of some of the most dangerous creatures in the universe. It's also one of the dominant predators which inhabit Sylvestra.

Snarl beast meow meow

The Snarl Beast can have two appearances: a form that resembles an Earth cat with 6 legs, and a form many times bigger. This larger form has five mouths filled with many sharp teeth, one centrally located and the other four on its four arms. Both of the snarl beast's forms have blue fur.

Facts of Doom

  • The Snarl Beast might be a reference to the Flerken from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comics as they are both extremely dangerous creatures that resemble Earth's cats.

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