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Squee was the main character of the Squee! comic book series by Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim. His real name is Todd Casil. The only person seen interacting with him consistently in the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac series is Nny himself.

He's called Squee throughout the series (the origin of his nickname comes from his first encounter with Johnny C; when asked what his name was, the only thing Todd could utter was a "squee" of sheer terror).

Like Professor Membrane, Squee's parents are very neglectful but, unlike the Professor, they don't love their son and rarely even acknowledge his presence; Todd's mother is almost always lying on the couch in an apathetic, pill-induced stupor, while his father is actually resentful of his son's very existence, and has never passed up an opportunity to remind his son of it. His only friends are Johnny and Pepito, the son of Satan and a Christian woman, but Squee gets scared of both of them frequently.

The name is not to be confused with a "Squeedly-Spooch", an Irken organ. Squee was visited by aliens twice, and these aliens looked similar to the aliens who abducted Zim in "Abducted", but on the first visit of aliens there were another two from a different race (perhaps the Irkens), who looked similar to the Almighty Tallest.

Squee was often seen with his teddy bear, which he called Shmee. It was revealed in one book that Shmee went into Squee's dreams to absorb nightmares, referring to himself as a "trauma sponge".

Squee makes an appearance.

Squee - or a character who looks very similar to him - made a brief cameo in the original Pilot.

Facts of Doom

Squee is at the far right.

  • At one point in the series, Squee was considered to replace Dib, continuing Jhonen's trend of pulling characters from the JtHM universe (this trend starting with Ms. Bitters and including a variety of characters, mostly as easter eggs). However, the idea was dropped in favour of Louie, who was also scrapped. The idea of replacing Dib never came about, though, as Nickelodeon wouldn't permit the death of any characters.
  • Dib wears a shirt that looks exactly like one that Squee wore in certain comics.
  • In 2013, Jhonen announced that he's working on a new Squee animated webseries, which will be a test run for a larger Johnny the Homicidal Maniac project.
  • The reason why Nny never killed Squee's neglectful parents its because Nny thinks all kids should have their parents.
  • Squee is named after Jhonen's childhood friend, Vince Casil.
  • Jhonen Vasquez has confirmed that Squee is half White and half Filipino.[1]

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