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Squishy is a cancelled character, planned to make an appearance in the cancelled double-length episode "Squishy: Hugger of Worlds". No concept art for Squishy exists, and thus his appearance is unknown.

Squishy was a giant alien being hailing from an unknown planet who destroyed entire planets by hugging them. Squishy was headed for Earth, and Zim, Skoodge and Dib tried to stop him from doing so. In the original plot outline, Dib would have stopped him by telling Squishy that no one likes him, which would have made him drift sadly off into space; this was later changed to Zim peacefully convincing him to just leave.

Facts of Doom

  • It is most likely that Squishy's title is a reference or parody of the character Galactus from Marvel comics.
  • Mary and Fred refer to GIR as "squishy" when first greeting him in "Abducted".
  • According to Eric Trueheart's book, the means of Squishy's defeat was changed between drafts because Nickelodeon executives found the original ending too "mean".
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