"Squishy: Hugger of Worlds" is an unfinished episode of Invader Zim.

Plot Summary

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Only an outline exists for this episode, but it would have involved a gargantuan alien named Squishy who expresses his joy by hugging planets. Unfortunately, this act of love ends with the destruction of that planet. When Squishy heads for Earth for another hugging session, Dib is worried about the fate of his planet, and Zim, as usual, is afraid that if the Earth is destroyed by someone other than him, he won't be an official Invader, so he and Dib compete to stop Squishy. Other plot points involved Zim wanting to try to make Squishy hug the sun instead, while an Armada of the remains of races of the planets he's destroyed want to blow up Squishy's next target, just to make him sad.

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