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Sylvestra starmap.jpg
Name Sylvestra
Located On Outer Space
Known Residents Snarl Beast
First Appearance Issue 10

Sylvestra is a planet that appears in Issue 10. It's a planet home to the most dangerous creatures in the universe.


The planet Sylvestra is a reddish-brown color, and there are many tall fuchsia rock formations. Glory-seeking hunters of all species come to Sylvestra to hunt its dangerous creatures, but many meet with agonizing fates, leaving their bones littering the planet's surface.

Zim flying above the planet's surface.

Zim came to Sylvestra in Issue 10 in order to capture a Snarl Beast. Zim was dissatisfied with the results of the skool talent show, since Davey Gutzmann won for having a pet snake. Zim did not consider having an animal a talent, but wanted to impress the skoolchildren with a more impressive animal.

Zim did succeed in capturing a Snarl Beast with his Robo Sportsman 9000. Though unbeknownst to Zim, Dib was also captured inside the device with the Snarl Beast.