Is it clear whether or not Sizz-Lorr is an Irken? He doesn't have antenae, he is unusually tall, and he has black rims around his eyes and a strangely shaped head. Given his vastly different appearance, and the great variety of aliens on Foodcourtia, it seems more likely that he is of another species but lives a more privledged life under Irken rule. If anything, the Foodcourtia episode seems to demonstrate that Irkens can tolerate other species, as long as they acknowledge Irken supremacy. Extermination or enslavement of a species may be a case-by-case decision. For example, the Vortians do not seem to be slaves, as some are seen eating at Foodcourtia. Even though he talks about Zim almost destroying "our civilization," that could merely show his identification with the Irken Empire. His devotion to the empire would have to be strong to be entrusted with Zim. Then again, he does have a PAK, which have only been seen on Irkens. Feel free to discuss.--Webspidrman, 2:44, 17 July 2011 (UTC)

Sizz-Lorr is most definitely an Irken. While he may be unique with his strange body type and the fact that he doesn't really expose his antennae, he has Irken skin, eyes, and the Irken style of teeth and tongue. Also, he possesses a PAK. It's unlikely that he's another species that simply looks like Irkens. Sizz-Lorr is certainly different than other Irkens, but he is an Irken for sure. Dykeatron 21:29, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

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