For the section of this page talking about the confusion with Zim's weakness to water. I was listening to a commentary of an episode of Invader Zim ( though i dont know which) and Jhonen stated something like this: His (Zim's) weakness to water is only becasue of the polution in it.

and the statment about the punch in the section can be contridicted becasue it is punch, not pure water, so things may be said otherwise. and near the end when they were talking about that, she got sprayed with soda not water

This section need some serious revision.

going back to what i stated previously, in the Animatin Errors section of The Wettinging article it does say that Jhonen has suggested that Irkens are allergic to the pollution in the water, rather then water itself. backing up my point, and the previously stated quote shoul not be under animation errors

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