Alien Kid

Look, mama! He's gonna 'splode!

"That Horrible Kid", as Zim so hatefully calls him, is a customer at Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster who belongs to an unknown alien race noticeable for the nubs on their heads. He seems to be at the restaurant every day, seeing as he is in almost every scene that has something horrible happen to Zim which is a running gag throughout his debut episode "The Frycook What Came from All That Space."

The kid is also constantly horrified at the happenings of the restaurant, as he watches Zim clean Booth 12, sees him dance in the humiliating Happy Shloogorgh costume filled with white hot grease, as well as staring in horror at his evil laugh. The alien kid also watches in horror, seeing Zim's eyes in the mooshminky as he's about to be eaten by Eric the Blob.

He also watches as Sizz-Lorr is getting ready to hunt down Zim and bring him back to the restaurant, causing the little fan on the alien kid's hat to spin as the Frylord runs out. He apparently followed the Irkens from the restaurant, as he was next seen pointing at the moment Zim stole one of the Snacky Cabs. This is also the last time we see him, when he's standing on the top of a building, pointing just as Zim and Sizz-Lorr are about to crash.

Presumably, he stayed on Foodcourtia during The Great Foodening along with his mom.

Facts of Doom.

  • The horrible kid is voiced by Paul Greenberg who also voiced Poonchy, Drinker of Hate, Shloonktapooxis, and several others.
  • In the credits, he is known as the “Small Cute Alien Baby”.
  • Assuming the credits are to be taken as canon, then the horrible kid's species can speak at birth similar to Irken smeets.
  • His catchphrase is "He's gonna ‘splode!", usually said to his mom.
  • He has the ability to point like no other, in fact its his most prominent trait.
  • One of their species worked on Vort Research Station 9 as a scientist in the cancelled episode "The Trial". This could hint at the possibility that their race is also an ally to the Irken Empire.
  • He's the only customer to pay attention to all of the happenings with Zim at Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster.
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