The City Cesspool was featured in the episodes "Walk for Your Lives" and
"Dibship Rising". It is the city's repository for both sewage and trash alike, and any living thing that is unfortunate enough to fall into its murky depths will have their innards "melt for millions of years".

In "Walk for Your Lives", when the Time-Stasis field was destroyed, the explosion "co-bonded with [the] space-time stasis field," causing it to explode "really, really slowly." Since it could not be extinguished, Zim decided to "drown this thing in garbage" by taking it to the City Cesspool. However, he never got there, thanks to a certain chihuahua.

In "Dibship Rising", when Dib climbed into Tak's Ship, he was bound with mechanical tentacles and the ship started to run toward the City Cesspool. It is then revealed that Zim was making an attempt on Dib's life by controlling the ship from the back.
Later, Dib was saved from a "smelly demise of... smell" in the City Cesspool by Tak's Ship, which managed to override Zim's reprogramming at the last minute.

Facts of Doom

  • In "Walk for Your Lives", an elephant can be seen drifting in the waters of the Cesspool.
  • Although it's implied that the contents of the pool would melt anyone placed inside, the elephant mentioned above as well as an employee dropped in "Dibship Rising" are not burned on impact. Rather, they are slowly melted away into sewage.
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