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The Elder is the name given to one of the many alternate universe versions of Zim that populate the Zimvoid, who first appears in Issue 47.


The Elder

The Elder's history is presumably the same as our Zim's, up until about six months before Issue 47, when he detected an Irken distress signal coming from Pandora's Quadrangle. Investigating it, he was pulled through a portal and crashed onto a small planet surrounded by other portals to other alternate universes, his Voot Runner and his GIR both being destroyed in the crash.

The Elder was one of the first of many Zims who crashed on the planet, which was soon dubbed the Zimvoid. They all struggled for survival, until a particularly cunning Zim - later to be known as Zim Number 1 - took over and established a numbered hierarchy, wherein the more useful Zims rule alongside Number 1 while the less useful are reduced to menial tasks or banished from their settlement to the planet's underground caves.

The Elder was either banished or left on his own at disgust at the hierarchy. He then organized several other renegade Zims into the Zim Resistance, aimed at bringing down Number 1. They finally got a chance to do so upon encountering "our" Zim's GIR and Dib (who had followed him into the Quadrangle and crashed with him) and recruited their aid in breaking into the gladiatorial arena where Zims fight for advancement in order to recruit more help. Unfortunately, they arrive just as our Zim is set to fight Zim 100 for the chance to join Number 1's elite.

Oddly, the Elder is nowhere to be seen after this, not appearing in either Issue 48 or Issue 49, and with Zim 2000 seemingly taking his place as leader of the Resistance, with no explanation given.

Facts of Doom

  • The Elder is only the second Irken to be shown with a beard, the other being Emperor Zim. Ironically, both are alternate versions of Zim.
  • The Elder's robes and beard might be a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.
  • As of right now, his number is unknown, as is what his original difference from the main Zim was aside from the beard, since he only got it after getting stuck in the Zimvoid.