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The Letter "M"
Skoolkids 004.jpg
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown

The Letter "M" is a skoolchild in Ms. Bitters' class. He sits between Brian and Dib, and is one of the few skoolchildren with a speaking role.

He seems to agree that Zim is weirder than most of the other kids, but still doesn't think he's an alien like Dib says. He is called "The Letter 'M'" in both the credits and by the other students (or at least by Zita in "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom"), and is never referred to by any other name. It seems to be in reference to his pronounced widow's peak, which gives his hairline an M-like shape. He was voiced by Phil LaMarr.

He makes his first appearance in the comic series in Issue 19, when he's one of the skoolchildren who attend the fake zoo operated by Zim's Roboparents. Seeing the shoddy state of the "zoo" and the fake animals on display, he accuses Zim and his parents of being grifters.

He later appears in Issue 38, being one of the skoolchildren who is fooled by GIR's Dib disguise; in particular, he notes that Dib's head is "too small" for him to be the real Dib. He then joins the other children in forming an angry mob and chasing Dib into the woods. Later, he's shown to be one of the students whom GIR-as-Dib is convincing that Zim is an alien, and later still becomes convinced that Dib is a zombie and chases him back into the woods as part of another mob.