The Scary Monkey

20px-Cquote1.png That monkey. That HORRIBLE monkey!
— Zim

1Angry Monkey

Gir watching the Angry/Scary Monkey Show

The Scary Monkey Show, sometimes known as The Angry Monkey Show, is GIR's favorite show. The show features a monkey, sitting around and doing nothing, except for the occasional scratch or snarl.

GIR loves watching The Scary Monkey Show, which apparently airs new episodes, as seen in "Walk of Doom". The show makes many appearances throughout the series, though most are a few seconds. Zim hates the show, and is annoyed that GIR keeps watching it.

The Scary Monkey itself is rarely seen in person; his sole appearance outside the SMS was in the episode "FBI Warning of Doom", where he appeared among the mall prisoners.

Role in Invader Zim

The Scary Monkey Show never amounted to anything more than a running gag in the televised series. However, Steve Ressel revealed in the commentary for "Bestest Friend" that Rob Hummel had at one point planned for the SMS to be the central plot point of an episode (much like "Mysterious Mysteries"). Evidently, however, these plans never came to fruition, as the series was cancelled before such episode could be written or made.

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