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The Trial was an unfinished episode of Invader Zim that would have been part of Season 2.

Plot Summary

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The episode focuses on Zim's Existence Evaluation. An Existence Evaluation takes place when the Control Brains determine whether or not Zim deserves to either be remembered in Irken History, or to be erased and deactivated, deemed a "Defective", and continuing his life like he never existed. The Tallest bumped the date up a couple of decades to try to get rid of Zim. Meanwhile, GIR temporarily takes over Earth.

This episode was to shed light on Zim's past (and a small bit of the Tallests', too). Throughout it, all the destruction Zim caused prior to Operation Impending Doom I is revealed, including plunging Irk into darkness twice, killing two leaders (Almighty Tallest Miyuki and Almighty Tallest Spork), and destroying a substantial amount of Irk's surface.

In the end, all the bad data from Zim's PAK would have caused the Control Brains to declare Zim the "Most Incredible Irken Ever" and let him drive the Massive for ten minutes, much to the Tallests' dismay.

While no voice tracks were recorded at the studio, the voice actors did voice the script at InvaderCON II which can be heard here. The script and concept art also exist.

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Facts of Doom


  • This would have been the fourth time that other Irkens landed on Earth.
  • In this unfinished episode, GIR managed to conquer Earth in one day, and he unexpectedly becomes a much better Invader than Zim.
    • Unlike Zim, GIR is shown to be a benevolent leader, as humans seem to greatly respect and revere him.
  • This episode would have shown why Zim became such a problem. But it doesn't exactly show how he became a problem.
  • In this unfinished episode, Zim is revealed to be responsible for both previous Tallests' demise.
  • It also would have been revealed that Zim actually did attain the rank of Invader on Devastis.
  • The Horrible Cartoon Kid character is a possible parody of another Nickelodeon character, Jimmy Neutron, from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, as his design bears a striking resemblance to him.
  • In InvaderCON II, the episode was narrated by Professor Membrane to Gaz and Dib, which wasn't in the actual episode.
  • Some fans on YouTube worked together to animate the episode themselves. The end result can be found here.
  • The Art of Invader Zim includes more character designs for this episode, such as smeet Skoodge, another Spork character design, a head scientist design, and an Irken smeet. It also includes props made for the episode.

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