Thoob's Shrine.

Thoob was an Irken who was first mentioned in Issue 46. He apparently made his way to Earth, as he was listed along with Tak and Skoodge by GIR as the only known Irkens who have visited the planet.

Surprisingly, Zim has a high opinion of Thoob, as he not only made a shrine of him in his base, filled with what appear to be roses, but he even appeared to mourn him. This seems to imply that he was killed offscreen, possibly at the hands of Zim.

Facts of Doom

  • Thoob was probably meant to be a joke character, as the panel in his debut issue depicting his shrine notes that this is his first appearance, with no explanation as to why he came to Earth, who he was or what he did for Zim to give him a great deal of respect.
  • Thoob is similarly overweight to Skoodge, but is possibly taller than him.
  • Unlike Tak, who did make it to Earth for revenge on Zim, and Skoodge, who was planned to move into Zim's basement in the unfinished episodes, it's unknown what purpose, if any, Thoob served on the planet.
  • It's unlikely that he was an Irken Invader.
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