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Torque Smackey
Torque Smackey.png
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Equipment Weights
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Notable Facts Was second-to-last student to lose organs in Dark Harvest
Voice Actor Jason Marsden

Torque Smackey is an athletically-minded kid who attends Skool. He is voiced by Jason Marsden.


Torque is a stocky, burly individual, with a large head crowned by a tuft of brown-red hair. He wears a maroon jersey, which bears his own name on it.

Role in Invader Zim

In "Dark Harvest", Torque plays the largest role here than he has (or had) in any other episode, when he became the only other student in the Skool to not have fallen victim to Zim's hunt for human organs.

Dib tried to protect Torque; his efforts were in vain, however, as Zim nabbed Smackey while Dib wasn't looking. He also played another role in "Rise of the Zitboy", where he was hypnotized into being Zim's servant.

He later reappeared briefly on a screen in "A Room with a Moose", shoving Zim onto his face and grinning malevolently. He appeared yet again among the crowd in "Future Dib", where he ate Professor Membrane's Super Toast; this resulted in instantaneous, extreme muscular growth for Torque. He also claimed in that episode that his father could fit a potato in his mouth.

In the unfinished episode "Ten Minutes to Doom", Torque was going to play a larger role: he vowed revenge on Zim when Dib claimed that the Irken had called Smackey a "dookie-weenie".

Torque makes his first appearance in the comic series in Issue 32, being Zim and Dib's only major competition in the National Physical Phitness Day challenge. In Issue 40, an alternate universe barbarian version of Torque appears in one of the stories portrayed.


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