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Universe's Most Comfortable Couch
Character InvaderLarb.png
Name Universe's Most Comfortable Couch
Type Vortain Technology
Use(s) Relaxation
First Appearance The Nightmare Begins
Users Vortians

The Universe's Most Comfortable Couch is a couch stated to be the universe's most comfortable couch, as the name implies.


The couch is rather large, as Invader Larb takes up very little space when lying on it, and is colored dull shades of green and orange, along with a single yellow-green pillow. It is so comfortable that apparently an Irken can fall fast asleep on it. In "The Nightmare Begins", Invader Larb was assigned to Vort, which is, as stated by Almighty Tallest Red, "Home to the Universe's Most Comfortable Couch".

The Universe's Most Comfortable Couch made a cameo appearance in "Walk for Your Lives", where Larb got pummeled, because he failed his Probing Day inspection. In this episode, the couch appeared to be a lot smaller.

In Issue 18 of the comic series, when Zim is complaining about how Larb is being rewarded for "easy" conquests, a picture of Larb (once again in a deep sleep) on the couch appears on a screen; GIR expresses a desire to sit on it. It's worth noting that the couch is considerably smaller in this picture, though it's possible this is just a graphic representing the couch, rather than the couch itself, as it's also a different color than what was seen on the show.