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Name Unknown
Species Unknown
First Appearance Issue 13
Voice Actor(s) None

The unnamed alien kidnappers are a pair of unidentified aliens who appear in Issue 13.


These aliens had somehow discovered Zim's invention, the humungoserum, which is capable of turning anything huge and monstrous with just one drop.

They decide to use it to create a monstrous puppy shop on Planet Poochaloo, and try to blackmail it off of Zim by abducting Dib, who they have wrongly concluded must be Zim's best friend.

But since Zim and Dib hate each other, Zim does not cooperate. The aliens, convinced he is bluffing, proceed to torture Dib to try and make Zim capitulate, but he just takes enjoyment out of it.

The alien kidnappers eventually meet their doom when Dib reveals he swallowed the humungoserum in order to hide it. The vial then breaks, transforming him into a monster. He then goes on a rampage throughout the aliens' ship, damaging it enough that it crashes and burns up in the atmosphere, presumably killing the aliens.

Facts of Doom

  • It's unknown what type of aliens the kidnappers are. Zim calls them "blorbheads", but this is most likely an insult and not the actual name of their species.
  • In their language, "hate" is the opposite of "shoe", and "shmuhshlablagloomf" means "house".