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Unnamed Single Celled Aliens
Blobs beginning.png
Name Unnamed Single Celled Aliens
Species Unnamed Single Celled Aliens
First Appearance Issue 7

The unnamed single celled aliens are a race of aliens that appear in Issue 7 of the Invader Zim comic series.


These aliens originated from an unnamed lifeless planet that Zim crashed on. The fluid from his Voot Cruiser mixed with the materials on the planet, causing a sort of primordial pool to appear and fill the planet with life. The life forms on this planet are in a state of extreme hyper-evolution, so their appearance gradually changes throughout the comic.

When they first appear, they are very small, not even reaching Zim's ankle. Zim orders them to worship him, as he is much taller than them, and they happily comply. They even destroy an Irken smeet that originated from Zim's saliva, calling him a false Zim and a heretic.

The single celled aliens now evolved and wearing clothes.

Later, Zim destroys some Blerks with his PAK lasers, and they praise him calling him "Destroyer of Blerks". By this point, they have grown slightly taller and now wear articles of clothing (such as hats and ties). Time passes by much quickly for these aliens, so after this they entered an era of independence, since Zim told them to "go away".

The leader of the single celled aliens.

After the Blerks take Zim's Voot away, they attempt to help him fight the Blerks. For Zim, only 30 seconds had passed, but for them they had spent thousands of years attempting to retrieve the ship. The Blerks' hive is also very far to them, calling it a "five-hundred year trek".

When Zim creates the Battleslug 7000, the single celled creatures had already grown about as tall as Zim. They also seem to have a leader. The leader wears a top hat, beard, glasses, and a sash.

Their final evolution.

After Zim destroys the Blerks, the creatures had already fixed Zim's Voot. Though Zim had only just destroyed them a few seconds ago, the aliens tell Zim that it was repaired years ago when he first returned from the Blerk Wars. They are also very hurt because Zim did not destroy them along with the Blerks.

By this point, the creatures are much taller than Zim and have a more blueish color. They also appear to have beards and wear crowns. Zim says he should destroy them just for getting so tall, and the creatures agree and beg Zim to destroy them. Zim is confused, but complies, and destroys the whole planet with a bomb he acquired from Blastropolis.

Facts of Doom

  • They are called many different things by Zim: single-celled creatures, bean-things, amoeba things, and blob-things.
  • Zim growing annoyed by the creatures' worship of him can be seen as ironic, given that it's quite similar to his relationship with the Tallest.