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Hello, and welcome to my user page!

I, admittedly, did not watch Invader Zim when it was first on the air. I was one of the many fans who first came into the show years later on syndication, and have been in love with it ever since. Everything about it - the animation, the characters, the action, the humor, the fact that it's unafraid to go to some dark and disturbing places - is all absolutely wonderful.

The announcement of the comic series was one of the happiest days of my life, as was the announcement of the TV movie (yes, I have no life). I have loved almost every issue of the comic so far (except for Issue 20, which wasn't all that good, Issue 30, which was OK but kind of a let down, and Issue 41, which just didn't feel like a proper Invader Zim story) and I loved the movie as well.

Some other facts about me:

  • As you might be able to tell from my UserName, Zim's my favorite character, GIR being a close second.
  • I ship ZAGR primarily, but also like ZATR. As for ZADR... well, try and make me read it, and I'll feed you to the Blerks.
  • I can't stand Gaz as a character (she's such a b*^#$), but I suppose she's tolerable under the right circumstances (say, Issue 14, for instance).
  • Here's a link to my FanFiction.Net page. Give my work a try, please!
  • I'd like to write professionally some day, but I'm not sure my skills are quite up to snuff yet.

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