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Here are some proposed pages/templates I've been thinking about implementing to help this wiki look a bit more polished. I'm putting this list here so I can look at it, and get some feedback. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments.

If we do any of these, or we've decided against some of them, I'll edit this list.

Navigation Templates

Useful so we're not scrambling through category pages to find things. As much as the wiki format is useful, it's not very friendly to people who just want to find information about a specific background character.

  • Gag characters with their own pages, sorted by season/source(?)
  • Minor comic characters
  • Named background characters with their own pages
  • Plot items
  • Merchandise
  • Media Things (Like Coloring Books) Invader Zim Is In That Have Articles (Name currently being workshopped. I have dumb brain disease.)
  • Games
  • Inventions
  • IZ Staff

Category/Tophat notices, site management

Not too sure about some of these, but they might be useful. Not all of these need tophat notices, I think... but they're all category management stuff, so they might as well be in the same list.

  • Articles that need editing/cleanup (?) ('Not to be that guy, but some of these articles are 75% Facts of Doom.')
  • Articles that need sources/citations
  • Articles that need images (?) (Probably not needed.)
  • Articles that need infoboxes (?) (Probably also not needed.)
  • Debunked Information
  • Speculative/theory Articles (e.g. Relationship analysis articles)

Weirder Science 14:35, June 30, 2020 (UTC)

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