Both Assistants ready to help stop the lice from spreading.

Verminstrasser's Assistants are two unnamed men who made their only appearance in "Lice" alongside Countess von Verminstrasser. They seem to greatly respect their boss and do not consider her crazy or unstable, doing any task she asks of them without hesitation.

They are bulky in appearance, wearing intimidating black uniforms that may or not be given to them by the Delouser Headquarters. They have a white, sad lice as a logo on the left side, and have skintight masks that makes their eyes appear red and sinister. Assistant 1 has dark hair that resembles horns, while Assistant 2 has messy red hair.

Neither of them seem to be particularly bright and appear to be thugs, but are later revealed to actually be good guys who only want to save the students (and the world) from the Lice Queen, despite using unorthodox methods as seen when they walked Dib and Melvin to their assigned room and on the way seeing a few of the skoolchildren endure different types of ways to be free from the lice.

Facts of Doom

  • Both Assistants are voiced by David Herman. This may suggest that they are brothers due to having the same skin color and appearance.
  • Assistant 1's horn hairdo may have been done intentionally to deceive the audience into believing that Verminstrasser was an antagonist.
  • Assistant 2 seems to be easily intimidated and tricked as he was understandably afraid of Ms. Bitters and had been distracted by Dib's "mind tricks."
  • Similar to Professor Membrane, we never see their eyes and mouths as they were hidden behind eyewear and high neck collars respectively.
  • They seem to have seen some proof of the Lice Queen, in order for them to follow the Countess without question.
  • Unlike their boss, they are not seen wearing any headgear on skool grounds to protect them from the lice infestation, which begs the question of how are they not full of lice?
  • Despite removing some of Zim's skin to find out why he's inmune to the lice, they never seem to find out that he's not human. Or it may be that they just don't care, due to being more focused on fighting lice.
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