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Viral Tank
Viral Tank.gif
Name Viral Tank
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Various
First Appearance Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars
Users Irken Armada

The Viral Tank is one of the many Irken starships - and a large one, at that.


An example of a Viral Tank.

It is extremely large - almost as big as the flagship of the Irken Armada known as theMassive. Somewhat resembling an Irken Hand due to the three sections it's composed of, little is actually known about the Viral Tank. With a not-so-obvious source of propulsion, an unknown fuel, and unknown armament, it can be assumed to be a transport of sorts due to it's name, but again, little is actually known about the Viral Tank.

The rear of a Viral Tank in 'The Nightmare Begins', emblazoned with the Irken Corporate Logo, with another in the top-right.

Similar to other Irken Vessels, the Viral Tank has an insignia emblazoned on it; in the case of the main article picture, this would be the 'Military' one, though Viral Tanks have also been seen with the 'Corporate' Irken Logo on the rear, as seen in the example to the left.

Zim flies by a Viral Tank in his Voot Runner (another type of Irken spacecraft), during the opening credits, and lodges it between two of them in the first episode. A Viral Tank also can be seen on the screen at the beginning of "Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars".