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The planet was once in alliance with the Irken Empire, until the Vortians were enslaved.

First Appearance

The Nightmare Begins


Vort was originally the home planet of the Vortian race and the "Home of the Universe's Most Comfortable Couch", as described in "The Nightmare Begins".

The planet was originally in alliance with the Irken Empire and was later conquered by Irken Invader Larb. The possible reason for this was that, as revealed in the script for "The Trial", Zim created a blob monster on Vort Research Station 9 that devoured former Almighty Tallest Miyuki, and later former Almighty Tallest Spork, causing the Irkens to blame the Vortians for the attacks.

It is unknown what planet Vort looks like from space, as it was never seen during the duration of the series. Vort is now Irk's top military research prison.

Lard Nar, the leader of the Resisty, is Vortian.

Lard Nar, one of the best known Vortians


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