Several scientists working on Vort Research Station 9.

Vort Research Station 9 was a research station on the planet Vort. There, the Vortians and their Irken allies worked together to develop weaponry and military technology for the Irken Empire. Zim was sent here because of his destructive ways, and here he created an energy absorbing blob that devoured Tallest Miyuki, and later Tallest Spork on his first day when the monster returned to get his collar.

The Station would have made an appearance in a flashback in the cancelled episode, "The Trial". Otherwise, it was never mentioned throughout the finished episodes. Therefore, its status in the present day is unknown.

Because of these incidents, the Irken and Vortian alliance ended, and Vort was taken over by Invader Larb. Some Vortians managed to escape, such as Lard Nar of the Resisty, a resistance group against the Irken Empire.

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