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Walton Chunky
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Name Walton Chunky

Walton Chunky is the inventor of Breakfast Chunks, a hard cereal made out of compressed grain. The idea for Breakfast Chunks first came to him when he was working at a garbage dump, compressing cars, and he found a big sack of bran next to him. Molding a handful of the stuff into a cube, he became inspired to create the aforementioned cereal brand. His sole appearance was in the episode "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy".


Prior to inventing Breakfast Chunks, Walton wore a green garbage man uniform. He has pale skin, green eyes and gray hair.


Before inventing Breakfast Chunks, Walton was a poor man who worked at a garbage dump, compressing cars into cube-like shapes. One day, he found a large sack of bran next to him, leading to him inventing Breakfast Chunks.

However, thanks to a demonstration by Professor Membrane, the sack of bran was switched with a "horrible giant squid" via a space-time transfer device, leading him to develop "Breakfast Squid" instead.