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We have chili beans!

The Weenie Clerk is an employee for the Deelishus Weenie Corporation.

Gaz encounters this man when she goes to the nearest hot dog stand (which is in fact Tak's Base of Operations) simply because she wanted to rat out that her brother was trying to break into this building through a secret entrance, because she thought that it would be funny to see Dib get beaten up by security.

The clerk, however, doesn't seem to understand, as he responds by simply telling Gaz that they have "chili beans". When Gaz tells him that the hot dog stand he works in is "kinda big", he reaches his head out and looks on in amazement at the enormity of the building as if seeing it for the first time despite the fact that he presumably has been working for the corporation for some time. This implies that he isn't very smart or observant.

He, however, is helpful enough to tell Gaz that there is in fact a secret entrance in the back where alien technology is being delivered, and thus indirectly helps save Earth as it was because of him that Gaz makes it inside Tak's base and thus gets MiMi's SIR Unit memory disk, which Zim would later be able to use to discover what Tak is planning.

He is later seen as Tak's magma pump is activated and apparently gets crushed but due to Nickelodeon's rule of no death in their show he survived, by the time Dib stopped the pump he's watching the lava getting sucked back into Earth, clearly not understanding the series of events that were happening before his eyes.

He makes his only appearance in "Tak: The Hideous New Girl."

Facts of Doom

  • He is voiced by Eric Trueheart, who would later go on to voice Eric the Blob.
  • He seems to love shouting "Deelishus Weenies!" Although it's probably because the corporation tells him to do so.
  • Tak may have been aware of his low intellect, as she didn't care that he saw whatever machinery was being brought to her base.
  • In Issue 45 of the comic series, another Weenie employee appears who has a strong resemblance to this clerk, including having the same goatee. However, given his lighter skin tone and the fact that he doesn't have hair coming down from under his hat, it's possible this is a different man. But, it's also likely to just be an error made when the artists were coloring/drawing the issue.
  • The clerk appears in the final issue of the comic series as part of the montage of people being caught up in the time loop.