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Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color None (He is bald)
Eye Color Black
Affiliation(s) None

Willy is an incredibly stupid member of Ms. Bitters' class. He was voiced by Jim Wise. He made his debut in "Bolognius Maximus", but played a much larger role in "The Voting of the Doomed".

He first got his big break when he became Zim's opponent in the Skool Election after the last Skool President had a mental breakdown (characterized by the Skool as a "loss of Skool spirit"), and was aided and supported by Dib. With limited intelligence, he relied on Dib's help to win the election, until his mindless confidence and idiocy took over. Nevertheless, he won, and was subsequently brainwashed to act intelligent, speak with a British accent, and praise the Skool constantly.

He reappears as a cameo in Issue 16 of the comic series, when Zim has him dressed up as Santa Claus as part of Zim's campaign to try and scare Dib. Notably, his one line of dialogue indicates a return to his normal low level of intellect. Presumably, this either means his time as Skool President ended and he was returned to normal, or it was a continuity error or a non-canon issue.

However, he reappeared in a cameo in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, holding hands in the peace circle, showing no sign of obliviousness as he was able to display emotions such as happiness, and fear, implying that his intelligence is still the one given to him by the Skool.


A kid strongly resembling Willy from the original Pilot.

Willy is a large, bald male who wears a light-green, undersized shirt with a cat on it, and usually has his tongue sticking out of his mouth (causing him to slur his speech often). Willy is dirty and, seemingly, has a bite taken out of his ear.

Facts of Doom

  • There is also a kid in the original pilot who strongly resembles him.