Ep7p1Ex scope
Name X-Scope
Type Human Technology
Use(s) Productive
First Appearance Dark Harvest
Users Dib Membrane

Dib ordered a X-Scope from Crop Circles Magazine at the beginning of "Dark Harvest", and had the package delivered to him at Skool.


When Dib unwraps the package, he puts them on and uses them to see what Zim's organs look like, much to his amazement, as he calls the unknown organs "incredible". The goggles label Zim's alien Squeedly-Spooch as "unknown".

The X-Scope is essentially a set of X-ray goggles which displays and identifies particular organs to the viewer. As seen in the only episode it appears in, the X-Scope is also capable of identifying foreign objects such as rulers, milk cartons, a Game Slave, and cats.

Dib only uses the X-Scope in "Dark Harvest". It is unknown what happens to it afterwards.

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