Name Xooxi
Species Dooxisi
Gender Male
First Appearance Issue 27
Voice Actor(s) None

Xooxi is a Dooxisi alien who appears in Issue 27 of the Invader Zim comic series.


In search of more of the rare element Splodium-238 in order to create an army of exploding beavers, Zim detects an amount of it buried underneath his base. Digging down in search of it, Zim finds a base belonging to a Dooxisi named Xooxi, Grand Jooxoo of the Dooxisi Invasion Corps. Xooxi claims that he conquered Earth centuries ago, then clarifies that he only conquered the underground parts, since he finds them more interesting than the surface.

Xooxi invites Zim and GIR into his base, due to being lonely. Zim plays along to try and get to Xooxi's Splodium supply, but quickly gets frustrated with Xooxi's insistence on sharing every minor detail of his "conquest", as well as playing Dooxisi board games, all of which lives up to his race's reputation of being the most boring race in the universe. However, with Xooxi's giant mole servants forcing him to play along, he's stuck.

Eventually, Zim summons Minimoose to distract Xooxi so he can find the Splodium. Unfortunately, Minimoose's distraction doesn't last very long, and Xooxi soon drags Zim back to listen to more boring stories. Finally, Zim snaps and yells at Xooxi for being so boring. Offended, Xooxi declares war on Zim, leading to a fight between his moles and Zim's beavers, which leads to both their bases being destroyed.

It's unknown if Xooxi survived this conflict, and if he still lives under Zim's base if he did.

Facts of Doom

  • Given that Zim refers to the Dooxisi entirely in past tense, it's possible that they're extinct, making Xooxi the last of his kind.
  • Despite Xooxi possibly having advanced technology provided by his race, his home is oddly human in nature.
  • Xooxi is the first Invader from another race introduced in the comic book series.
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