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Zim's Exo-Suit is a machine created and used by Zim in Issue 39 of the comic series.


At the start of Issue 39, the alien explorer Inquisitous the Observer abducts Zim, GIR, Dib, and Gaz to his ship in order to determine which of them is responsible for the destruction of his exploratory probe. When Zim and Dib each blame the other, Inquisitous uses a Memory Visualizer to explore their memories of the event to determine who is telling the truth. However, their remembered sequence of events are entirely contradictory, with the only thing agreed upon being that it occurred at Dib's house, and that Zim was in an exo-suit at the time.

Dib's recollection of the Exo-Suit.

In Dib's recollection, the exo-suit is a weapon he intends to use to finally destroy Dib and take over the Earth. It's a vaguely humanoid mech, with Zim sitting in a cockpit in the head area, with a rocket on its back and with a golf club and a drill at the end of its arms (and with GIR acting as one of its knees, for some reason).

Dib questions how such a random collection of objects will enable Zim to conquer anything, but Zim ignores and tries to destroy him, only to be interrupted by Inquisitous' SON robot. Zim is insulted when the SON dismisses the exo-suit as inferior technology compared to Tak's Ship, and blows up it and its ship with the suit's rocket as revenge for the slight.

Zim's recollection of the Exo-Suit.

In Zim's version of events, the exo-suit looks the same bu is merely a tool which he is planning to use to greet the SON, which he claims to already know is coming.

In this version, the suit's rocket is stated to be a giant firework, and instead of weapons its arms end in a wrapped present and a bouquet of flowers (and GIR is now acting as an elbow); the SON is shown to be very impressed by all of this. But then Dib, whom Zim portrays as a barely coherent moron, accidentally triggers the rocket, which destroys the SON and its ship.

Inquisitous is incredulous that these stories are so incompatible, but is unable to determine what truly happened, as Gaz wasn't paying attention and GIR's mind is too random to get actual memories out of. As Inquisitous' ship is soon after destroyed by GIR's mind overloading it, a proper explanation is never gotten for what happened.

Facts of Doom

  • It is unknown what happened to the Exo-Suit after Zim and the others were abducted by Inquisitous.
  • Given the various characters' personalities, Dib's account of what happened, and thus the Exo-Suit's appearance, is most likely to be accurate.