Zim's Orbital Water Balloon
Orbital Water Balloon
Name Zim's Orbital Water Balloon
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Offensive
First Appearance The Wettening
Users Zim

Zim's Orbital Water Balloon was a colossal water balloon created and used by Zim in "The Wettening" to win a water fight against Dib.


Developing water balloon

Zim developing the Orbital Water Balloon.

The Orbital Water Balloon was inspired by Dib when he threw a water balloon at Zim, greatly angering him. Having gained access to Dib's " water balloon technology", Zim spent the next several days experimenting and developing the balloon within his base.

Once the Water Balloon was completed, it appeared to be flat, elastic, maroon-colored material with a giant smiling face printed on it. When inflated, the water balloon is at least three times the size of the Skool, and caused a humongous shockwave across the city upon impact, flooding the entire area as a result.

Zim ties balloon

Zim tying the Orbital Water Balloon shut.

When used, Zim had the balloon suspended in space and drained a tremendous amount of water from the city out of orbit in order to fill the balloon. Controlling giant robotic hands via remote control, Zim tied the balloon shut and allowed it to drop back into the atmosphere, flooding the entire city from his space station.

Zim can also lock a target to fire the balloon directly at, as seen when he aimed specifically at Dib's forehead. The balloon destroyed most structures, including the upper section of Zim's base. In order for the water to not harm himself, Zim had coated himself in paste beforehand.

Facts of Doom

  • Despite the balloon having a smiling face when he first used it, in the hologram in Zim's base, it had the Irken logo, which implies being a prototype of sorts.
  • When tying the balloon, the giant robotic hands have four fingers rather than standard three that Irkens have.

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