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Zim's robot army is a group of robots made by Zim, which made its only appearance in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus.


Zim's Robot Soldiers.

When Zim took over Membrane Labs after abducting Professor Membrane, he apparently commissioned the scientists and engineers working there to make him an army of robots and unleashed them all over the planet to sell the Membracelets for his latest plan to conquer the Earth.

These robots don't only have the ability to fly but are also quite tall, which may have been done as a result of the Irken race's obsession with height. They also have a single holographic eye and mouth, most likely given to them to make them appear friendly to the human population despite the fact that they clearly hurt people by hurling them into the sky after getting the Membracelets.

They are also seemingly obedient to Zim and were even willing to protect him from Dib and fight against Professor Membrane. This may be in part because of the kind treatment Zim gave them, as their Irken boss apparently got to know them, knew their names and even mourned them as they were being destroyed by Dib and his father. Zim even went as far as to order GIR to avenge them, and was clearly disappointed when the defective SIR Unit failed to do so.

They're mad now!

These robots, while sentient, don't appear to have the ability to talk but are still capable of emotions. This is shown as their facial expressions went from happy to angry the moment the Professor decimated a big chunk of the army which resulted in them trying to get rid of Membrane and his son as retribution.

Despite appearing to be quite strong, they couldn't survive Membrane's energy attacks, and they were all effortlessly destroyed.

Facts of Doom

Zim and Lawrence.

  • Despite all the robots looking alike, Zim was able to tell them apart, as shown when he shouted their names in despair as they were being destroyed.
  • So far the only known robots were Spencer, Devon, Maria and Lawrence, the latter who for unknown reasons seemed to be Zim's favorite.
  • Maria was the only known robot with a female name.
  • The fact that they have human names seems to suggest that they were made on Earth by Membrane Labs, but Professor Membrane was not aware of this as he was imprisoned in Moo-Ping 10 at the time, which may explain why he said he didn't hire any of them.
  • The robots share GIR's eye colors both cyan and red when they're happy and in duty mode respectively.
  • Several of the robots appear in The Dookie Loop Horror when Dib breaks into his father's lab during one of his attempts to break the time loop. Interestingly, they appear to now work there, implying that the Professor now actually hired them. This also suggests that not all the robots in Zim's army were destroyed, or if they were, the Professor rebuilt them under a new programming.