Zim 100, who calls himself Big Zim, is one of many alternate universe copies of Zim inhabiting the Zimvoid, introduced in Issue 47.


Zim 100

Zim 100

His history is presumably similar to our Zim's, including how he tracked an Irken distress signal to Pandora's Quadrangle, and got sucked through a portal to end up in the Zimvoid. However, in a major difference, this Zim is a huge, heavily muscled brute. According to him, this is due to him focusing on increasing his strength over everything else.

As number 100, he is a member of Zim Number 1's elite, able to reside in the Zimvoid's main tower and help rule over the other Zims. In particular, he serves as champion of the arena where Zims compete in gladiatorial combat for the right to move up the ranks. He first appears when the series' main Zim challenges him for his position in the elite.

Zim 100 very easily overpowers his smaller counterpart, but then puts on a helmet that Dib happens to be hiding in. When he's confused at hearing Dib talking but not seeing him, Dib pretends to be his conscience and tries to convince him to join the Zim Resistance in order to rebel against Number 1. However, this just confuses 100 to the point that he knocks himself out, allowing Zim to win by default.

Later, now reduced to a lower rank, he explains to Dib and the other Zims how Number 1 has promised that any Zim who reaches the elites and passes his rigorous training program will be sent back to their home dimension. The revelation that Number 1 could have sent them home at any time infuriates all the other arena Zims, who join the Resistance in storming Number 1's tower; 100 aids this attack by using Dib as a battering ram to break down the doors.

After the fighting is over, 100 is seen overlooking all the knocked out Zims, and isn't taken prisoner with the remaining Resistance members when Zim comes across them with a laser gun.

Facts of Doom

  • Zim 100 is the tallest Zim seen so far. Ironically, despite the Irken race valuing height over everything else, Zim 100 is not the leader of all the Zims trapped in the Zimvoid.
  • Both Recap Kid and Zim note that Zim 100's massive size is similar to when Zim gave himself artificial muscles in Issue 32.
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